GODDESS - love and abundance incense blend


Sweet and spicy incense blend to energetically clean spaces with benzoe siam, rose, sandalwood and more. This sensual burning blend is here to bring you love, harmony and abundance. 

30 ml

Each ingredient in this incense blend is carefully selected to fullfil a specific purpose. This incense blend helps with an energenic hygiene in the spaces we choose to surround us with. The same way we clean our bodies, our spirit as well as the energy in spaces need a little cleanse & elevation once in a while. 
Place our charcoal in a thick heat proove ceramic bowl and onto our sand. Light the charcoal & wait until its surface turns grey. Add a little spoon of this incense blend onto the charcoal & move the bowl in circular motions with your hands throughout the space. You may want to fill the room with good intentions as you do so. This is for you. Enjoy and celebrate this ritual with the best outcome for everyone involved. When done with your burning ritual, let fresh air clear the old and bring in the new.

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