Inspired by reduction and minimalist design we create products that are build to last for seasons to come. Made to be easy to combine with any wardrobe, designed to be functional in use, craftsmanship to admire and designs to fall in love with. We create our personal dream bags.

1331 founded 2018 in Berlin, Germany, with the aim to produce luxurious cruelty free bags and accessories that are beautiful, hand- made in the best factories in Europe, clean in production whilst reducing; waste, water and energy.

Production is handpicked in family run factories in Portugal, where we keep artisan traditions alive and bring these into the future. Our goal is to work with natural and technically advanced materials to create beautiful products for a new generation.

Sourcing the finest vegan imitation leather from Italy and Spain. Every item is handmade with fair trade standards and outstanding craftsmanship. The high quality faux leathers are entirely made from European raw materials in a carbon neutral process. Our material is eco certified and doesn’t contain any harmful substances; neither does it leave them in the process.

Rethinking the meaning of quality by setting new standards.