Our founder Johanna Bartsch has always been a forward thinking personality with a big heart for animals, natural remedies and beautiful design. To be able to change the systems, it was clear to her that she wanted to play an active part. Johanna then decided to create her own vegan bags and accessories that are contemporary, effortlessly elegant, functional and with outstanding craftsmanship. The brand 1331 was founded 2018, in Berlin, Germany.  

From the outset it was clear to build a sustainable, fair and vegan friendly company. Sourcing the finest vegan leathers made in Italy and produced in the best factories in Portugal.

The name 1331 is built on the concept of numerology, where all the numbers and letters are added together. In this case equals to a number 8.  The number 8 has always been an important figure in her life and therefore it was clear to be included in her heart project.



We believe in the equality of all genders, the beauty of nature and respect to our animal friends. We believe in empowerment rather than restrictions and this is how we do it.

Our core brand values of 1331 are: Design, functionality and sustainability.

As we think all three belong together and support one another to create the product we desire to bring into this world.

We create better alternatives and no substitutes.

All our products are sustainable and vegan friendly. We rethink the meaning of quality by setting new standards. Each item we develop with the potential to become your favourite.

We don’t spend all our money on marketing and middleman. We rather focus on our products and efficient structures.

Our aim is to offer affordable products whilst maintaining an outstanding quality.

If we can change the world with the products we buy, let’s use this power wisely and invest in a new and better future.



We love beauty and aesthetics, in all its forms, that make our hearts race.

Our designs are clean, and transcend trends. Every item is handmade in Europe with fair trade standards and outstanding artisan craftsmanship.We want you to feel joy when you use our products. 



We design to fit purpose as our lightweight bags move together with you. Our high quality materials and accessories are carefully sourced and built to last.

Our scents not only smell good, they are created to enhance your mood and fit a purpose.

We create beautiful designs that are practical and easy to use.



 Our goal is to work with natural and technically advanced materials to create products for a new generation. It’s an exciting time where people acknowledge production methods and materials that create no harm to our environment and are thrilled to be part of it.


Whilst the fashion and beauty industry is complex, we make sure that we maintain a sustainable stance from start to finish. That begins with the sourcing of the best materials such as our high-end sustainable vegan leather made in Italy and continues with production in handpicked family run factories in Portugal, where we keep artisan traditions alive and bring these into the future.


Our materials are not tested on animals and do not contain any animal substances. Furthermore no harmful chemicals are used in producing our vegan leather, so it is good for the people who make it, the environment and for you and your skin. That means our bags are cruelty free, clean in production, whilst reducing waste, water and energy.