The Healer - peace of mind & soul support


This softly heart opening scent blend with Benzoe, frankincense, bergamotYlang Ylang, cypress, geranium, & clary sage  is here to protect your precious soul.

If you feel like you need some support or you are in a moment with less than loving energy, spray the dark away.

We infuse this scent blend with little garnet crystals. 

Handmade in Berlin.


The space we live in should make us feel good and smell delicious. That was our task and we succeeded. We created a range of different scents that lift your mood, cleanse the room energetically and smell great. All mists are designed to work on linens and in the air. While “Cloud” may help you sleep, “Shinrin Yoku” is great to reduce stress and “Aura” might give that little love you need to make the space brighter.

Since we only use pure essential oils, our room mists add negatively charged ions into the air.  In nature we find air like this near the ocean, in the forest or next to a waterfall. Negatively charged ions help us concentrate, be joyous and strengthen our immune system.

Mist liberally into the air or over linen to enjoy a scentual & emotional experience. Spray 1-3 pumps towards the centre of the room away from eyes. Before sleeping, mist over your bed into the air to let the scent settle evenly. When misting linen, spray from 20cm away & only on washable fabric. Avoid spraying on delicate surfaces and materials.

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