cloud - crystal scents drops


This fresh lavender blend is here to support you feeling calm and cocooned. Light and gentle helps this scent to relax and calm your mind. If you have trouble sleeping, let CLOUD help you sleep and feel calm

This crystal scent blend comes along with the matching rocks to use with. Place the rocks into a ceramic bowl or check our big CRYSTAL SET including a ceramic bowl.


We developed this unique room scent to enjoy a subtle scent throw into a space without the need to watch over.

Our crystal infused room scent is with a high level of natural fragrance to make you feel at peace. Add a few drops of our scent blend onto the salt crystals in a ceramic bowl to create a beautiful scent throw.

The crystals inside the bottle are mountain crystals are stones of justice and meditation which have strong healing and harmonizing properties, they are here to help us to see things clearly and energize rooms. 

Our unique Crystal Scents deliver scent into your space without the need to watch over. Place the rocks that come along in an open ceramic bowl and carefully drop the scent blend onto them to let the magic happen. Use to scent small areas like bedside, desk or bathroom. The crystal scent throw will last as long as you continue this process. The more oil added, the stronger the scent will be.

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