Soap & conditioner - SET

€26 €31

Solid wash set for clean skin and smooth hair. Choose between SHINRIN YOKU, CLOUD  or  GAIA CLAY soap and get SMOOTH LIKE SILK solid conditioner in a set price.

All handmade in Germany in small batches to ensure the high quality.


Our luxury soap bars are handmade using 8 different cold pressed organic plant oils. The procedure we use to create the most nourishing bars is cold stirring all ingredients to 40 degrees Celsius so the oils turn into hydrating soaps. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to ripen the soap bars before we achieve the quality we desire, love and want to use.

Essential oils are added to make our soaps smell irresistible. We love the fact that we don’t need packaging or bottles to use our soaps.

The best part is: you can use our soap bars for face, hair and body.

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